Remembering Beauty at The Well

Every couple of weeks I gather flowers from my yard or my local grocer and create floral arrangements for my house. I like to keep a tasteful collection of live plants and fresh bouquets here and there because they are an easy way to bring life and beauty into a space. (And yes I said tasteful because I live on the edge of being one to two plants away from living like the crazy old plant lady.)

When my good friend Mo (most people call her Margaret Brunson but she’s my Mo) called me up and asked me to lead a floral arranging workshop, that was an easy yes. Easy, easy. 

Mo, along with Adrienne Simmons and Tyra Wade, in partnership with Provident 1898, run a wellness and coaching collective called The Well. We decided to link up and host this experience together. 

The night was everything. One by one, beautiful women came through the doors wearing excited smiles, glowing brown skin and the best hair summer had to offer. Tyra provided a jazzy r&b playlist, Mo made sure the Shiraz was on point, and Adrienne spread her love touch all around the room making sure everything was just right.

Most of the women said they’d never taken a floral arrangning workshop before and that they had never arranged their own bouquets. It was difficult to tell that that was true by the end of the night. Everyone walked away with such beautiful, creative displays. 

My favorite part was the connections made and the glee glittering the room as women saw themselves create beauty with their imaginations, good judgement and a few stems. 

I can’t wait to do this again. Our goal for the night was to practice remembering. I wanted us to remember who we are and what we can do, to remember things the busy-ness of life threatens to make us forget at best, regret at worst. And we did. And we had so much fun doing it. I wonder, what is something you need to remember today?

August 1, 2023
September 8, 2023